I knew I’d be really bad at updating this

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I have officially been here for over a month! It’s only just starting to feel normal. I don’t have insane anxiety every time I need to drive anymore and I have a bit of a routine. Obviously I am still a scaredy-cat because I haven’t traveled anywhere yet. However, I have had a list going in my head for the past 6 months or so and I just wrote it down on paper and added some TBD dates up in there. Hopefully that will keep me on track 🙂

Some fun and exciting things that have happened so far (fun and exciting is being used loosely):

– Going to the Neuwied Zoo

– Celebrating Fasching (even though it turns out we went to a party meant for teenagers)

– Being totally sick and having a fever for a few days while at the same time having no internet

– Going to Limburg and seeing the Limburger Dom

Mostly I’ve been taking it easy and getting used to living in a strange place. Yes, my life has been quiet but that’s kind of how I like it. I love going for walks with the dog in the woods and I love having time to myself to get my room in order every week. I find it fun going to the supermarket and comparing prices and brands to what I’m used to and finding new things. I’ve started doing Pilates again so I can keep strong and rest better at night. Mostly I just love hanging out with my German family and watch my relationship with the babes grow. Of course I have the itch to go explore new cities and dance and go crazy — I’m not 80 yet. But day-to-day life is quiet and that’s fine by me.

Starting on Thursday I will be going to language school twice a week in Limburg. Last Thursday I went there with three friends and it is so adorable. It’s like walking through a storybook. Marie, from SoCal, and I had to take pictures because everything looked “so German” and it was too cute not to shoot. I have a feeling that when my classes are over at noon I will stay until the little ladies need to be picked up from the Kindergarten every time. It’s hard to get used to thinking that all these towns are 7 or 800 years old. That means their bread recipes are 7 to 800 years old. Always the important thoughts.

Alright so here’s my photo plop! And a reminder that no babe pictures are allowed on the Interwebs so if you want to see my kids send me a message and you can have them privately 🙂 


PB&J ftw




Aika will drink from the stream regardless of temperature. She will get IN the stream, too.


Letizia and I baked some sugar cookies 🙂


Pretzels are my life.


This is a Berliner. If you didn’t know what it looked like, it is a jelly donut. But better. Donuts are way better here.


I made veggie chili! Best with a Brötchen 🙂


We do a lot of Winnie Puuh activities here. “Denk, denk, denk…”


For some reason the Neuwied Zoo has the largest Känguru habitat outside of Australia.




I don’t even especially like birds but this owl was beautiful


Tobi’s friend, Coco. He has visited him for three Sundays in a row.


The ugliest bird ever. He looks like an English butler.




After going to the zoo Tobi and I went out to get pizza. It was my first time to a restaurant and omg the pizza was huge. I ordered a small.


My first beer in Deutschland!


Dancing with a bunch of sixteen year olds was pretty fun. The cover band was actually really good and they played a lot of American songs 🙂


Everything is cool and old. This is just a regular bridge that the train crosses all the time but I think it looks so cool.


Tobi’s favorite bakery. And he’s right. It’s so good.


I want to take a lot of pictures on my walks with Aika because I’m sure it’ll change a lot through the seasons. I can’t wait for spring!!


So it snowed one day. The snowboarding cravings were real. But it melted within a day and a half.


Limburg an der Lahn


Der Limburger Dom from a nearby bridge. It’s a Catholic cathedral.


Cuban food and a banana beer


Beer mixed with coke. Surprisingly tasty!


Sometimes you need to fit five people into a car and it hurts a little bit.


Valentine’s Day selfie pre-Skype date


I’m a child.


Tobi and me all dressed up for Fasching


After hunting at Rewe, we found some TOFU! It’s actually easy to find at the bigger grocery store.


This is probably the best fake wiener I’ve ever tasted. German quality I guess.


Tobi, me, and Marie in Limburg


Candid shot of Maria and me


Strained selfie


Der Limburger Dom up close

These are a little out of order, but OH WELL. I love you all!



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