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I knew I’d be really bad at updating this


I have officially been here for over a month! It’s only just starting to feel normal. I don’t have insane anxiety every time I need to drive anymore and I have a bit of a routine. Obviously I am still a scaredy-cat because I haven’t traveled anywhere yet. However, I have had a list going in my head for the past 6 months or so and I just wrote it down on paper and added some TBD dates up in there. Hopefully that will keep me on track 🙂

Some fun and exciting things that have happened so far (fun and exciting is being used loosely):

– Going to the Neuwied Zoo

– Celebrating Fasching (even though it turns out we went to a party meant for teenagers)

– Being totally sick and having a fever for a few days while at the same time having no internet

– Going to Limburg and seeing the Limburger Dom

Mostly I’ve been taking it easy and getting used to living in a strange place. Yes, my life has been quiet but that’s kind of how I like it. I love going for walks with the dog in the woods and I love having time to myself to get my room in order every week. I find it fun going to the supermarket and comparing prices and brands to what I’m used to and finding new things. I’ve started doing Pilates again so I can keep strong and rest better at night. Mostly I just love hanging out with my German family and watch my relationship with the babes grow. Of course I have the itch to go explore new cities and dance and go crazy — I’m not 80 yet. But day-to-day life is quiet and that’s fine by me.

Starting on Thursday I will be going to language school twice a week in Limburg. Last Thursday I went there with three friends and it is so adorable. It’s like walking through a storybook. Marie, from SoCal, and I had to take pictures because everything looked “so German” and it was too cute not to shoot. I have a feeling that when my classes are over at noon I will stay until the little ladies need to be picked up from the Kindergarten every time. It’s hard to get used to thinking that all these towns are 7 or 800 years old. That means their bread recipes are 7 to 800 years old. Always the important thoughts.

Alright so here’s my photo plop! And a reminder that no babe pictures are allowed on the Interwebs so if you want to see my kids send me a message and you can have them privately 🙂  Continue reading