The first few days

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Guten Tag!

I’m still alive! These past few days have been pretty busy and the minute the day is over I’m in bed. My jet lag isn’t too bad, but I haven’t slept through the whole night yet. Since the sun comes up so late I can’t tell if it’s time to wake up or not when my eyes pop open in the middle of the night. But besides that, alles gut!!

Now for a photo plop:


The biggest freaking plane I’ve ever been on. Plus free alc and hot towels and pretty uniforms. Also the food was pretty decent. 


First view through the clouds of Deutschland!


Little towns covered in snow


The Main River


Frankfurt am Main


The backyard and the woods. Cold!!


My new furry friend, Aika 🙂


Fresh bread!!!!!


OMG bread. And there are bakeries everywhere


I don’t know why this is the only thing I took a picture of in the supermarket… but it looks ridiculous. I will DEFINITELY be taking more pictures when we go shopping next time.


It’s a cold yet beautiful, sunny day ❤

My family is so lovely. I feel very lucky to have found them on this crazy Internet thing. The girls are super adorable and I can’t wait for them to get a little more used to me. They don’t know, but I have gifts waiting for them in my closet 🙂 Marla (2) is very attached to her parents, Yvonne and Marcus, but she’s letting me in a little at a time. Letizia (5) and I are already buddies. She loves dresses and pink and also doesn’t mind jumping around and getting dirty. My kind of girl!! I won’t be posting any pictures of the kids online by request of my host family, but if you want to see the beauties let me know and I’ll send some privately 🙂

Thankfully Marcus had Monday and Tuesday off this week to help me get situated. I am so grateful he was here because I would have been so confused going to get my residency status figured out, trying to find a language school, going to the post office, and everything else. He also made sure my car was in working order. I’m driving a freaking Smart car. It’s crazy tiny. Seriously – I feel very fortunate to have both Yvonne and Marcus around.

To take a leaf from Steven’s book, here’s my “high-low-high” of my stay so far:

High: Autobahn. 😛
Low: Marla isn’t ready to have a new aupair. Hopefully she’ll come around quickly! I can’t wait to see her sweet loving side that she shows to her parents.
High: Everyone else has been so amazing and sweet to me. My host parents, Letizia, and everyone I have met so far has been helpful and kind. German people are very polite and it’s lovely.

I keep having moments when I can’t really believe that I’m here. I’ve been thinking about coming here since high school and it has finally happened! Maybe I’ll have my thoughts more in order soon so I can write something slightly more intelligible in a couple days 😛

Love you all!



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